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The Interior Designer is your source for home or office Architectural and Interior Design, furnishing and decorating assistance.

If you are a homeowner or commercial facilities planner...wishing to model, remodel or decorate your home or business, use this site as your resource for concepts and ideas, to 
locate Architects, Interior Designers  & home decorators, landscape engineers and other professionals who can assist you... and to find supplier, who have those decorative items and furnishings which are perfect for your plans.

If you are an Interior Designer, Architect, decorator, remodeling contractor...use is site to announce your talents and skills to a particular market segment. Use this site also... as a 'concept board' and 'product expo' to locate ideas, assistance and the materials needed to convert projects from 'rendering' to reality. Additionally, use this site to acquire new clients from our  
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interior design services

interior design services

Sense Interiors is one of the Top & leading Interior Designing firm which Deals with architectural and interior designing across India.

We provide you with your needs for all you new home making or home decor, accessories, furnishings, interior service.

People come here seeking the advice on how to build a better house and interior design expertise and consultation of our extraordinary professional and experienced design team. They work together coordinating their highly individual talents and resources to help you achieve your distinctive home style, whether through a simple design upgrade or a complete room or home remodel.

Our team of professional interior designers excels at creating Plans, Architectural View and maps, home decor solutions of utmost appeal for ...

Planning as per need and family.

Design and architectural designs.

Visual Creation for future house.

lower-level rooms

home offices or studies

hobby rooms

home additions

indeed, any room in your home.

Trusted Home & Office Interior Design Services in Noida, Delhi NCR
Design My Space is here to assist you with the best affordable interior designs for your residential or commercial space. Our deep-rooted expertise in interior designing and interior architectural services makes us the most favorable choice in the modern era. Our services will include planning, designing, decorating services, cost analysis and  project management. Our consultants provide the right solution at the right time.

At Design My Space, we are passionate about creating functional luxury work spaces and beautiful home interiors. We have the team of interior design professionals with years of expertise in the concerned field and who have a track record all-in-all interior design success. Our comprehensive fit-out solutions encompass all the aspects related to home or office space development.

Office Interior Designing
It is very important to have a well-designed luxury office to stay ahead of your competitors in the market. We focus on providing attractive Office Interior Designing Services to our clients to maintain an enjoyable working environment which results in more productivity. The designs are done keeping in mind the office work culture and the company's brand. We will come up with expert solutions that will enhance the comfort level and productivity of the office employees.

The designing is carried out utilizing high-quality furnishings and expert consultation that are meant to serve for a long period of time. Our adroit team of professionals offers Corporate Office Interior. We ensure the use of raw materials and sophisticated tools for rendering the office interior services. We understand the diverse requirements of our clients and provide services within the minimum possible time period. Close coordination is done with the clients for the timely accomplishment of projects at a cost-effective rate.

Budgeting and planning
If you have already decided on your budget and planned to hire a designer for your home then contact Design My Space for a quick assistance. A designer has an idea where to get the resources for all the home design and decoration related stuff at an affordable price that saves you an endless amount of the time.

Professional Assessment
An interior designer is a professional who assesses the situation that points out the proper functions of the plan and completes the order of things planned in a design. It is truly important in determining for what can be used further or what should be edited generally.

Different between an Interior designer & architect
An architect has an important role in planning, designing, and reviewing the construction of buildings. In other words, he provides services in connection with the design of buildings and the space within the site surrounding the buildings. Our Interior designer interacts with the clients in terms of identifying their needs and creates interior spaces accordingly. He has also the important tasks to design all aspects of an interior space like Windows, Walls, Doors, furnishing, and much more as a general contractor.

Both of these professions are receiving fabulous value and hold each in high esteem. There is also friction when competing professionals, aren't clear about tasks that overlap within a project. In order to clear this point, let's through light on the topic and offer you advice that will help you to understand the work of both of them.

Let's start with few of similarities between these two fields. Both experienced architects and interior designers are qualified in their fields to create as well as design space that indeed solves the problems for homeowners. Both professionals do this is through spatial design and planning and thus both are considered as an art and science.

Generally speaking the tasks of Architects:
The person is there to design the whole structure of the home.
The expert will also be involved in planning electrical and plumbing requirement too.
The expert plays a crucial focus in home exterior design elements and equally to its interior architecture, trim, mill work, ceiling finishes, and much more.
Generally speaking the tasks of the interior designer:
The professional is responsible to give a perfect look and style to a home's interiors.
They maintain the lighting plan for each room and designs backsplashes, chooses all tile, and flooring.
They always play a crucial focus on selecting interior, materials, finishes, hardware, furnishings, textiles, paint color, wallpaper, and much more.

What is the work of an interior designer?
Interior designers work with individuals and businesses in terms of arranging and decorating stores, homes, and offices using furniture, accessories, fixtures, color schemes and much more. Our designers will analyze the client needs and decorate the interior of a home or office accordingly. They help homeowners to get a perfect interior shape for their home as well as the office. They generally express their responsibilities to perform the tasks accordingly.

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