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The Interior Designer is your source for home or office Architectural and Interior Design, furnishing and decorating assistance.

If you are a homeowner or commercial facilities planner...wishing to model, remodel or decorate your home or business, use this site as your resource for concepts and ideas, to 
locate Architects, Interior Designers  & home decorators, landscape engineers and other professionals who can assist you... and to find supplier, who have those decorative items and furnishings which are perfect for your plans.

If you are an Interior Designer, Architect, decorator, remodeling contractor...use is site to announce your talents and skills to a particular market segment. Use this site also... as a 'concept board' and 'product expo' to locate ideas, assistance and the materials needed to convert projects from 'rendering' to reality. Additionally, use this site to acquire new clients from our  
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turnkey interior project

Turnkey Interior Project

 Sense Interiors is the leading and the best Turnkey Solutions provider company in Delhi NCR and Pan India.

Sense Interiors is the leading and the best Turnkey Solutions provider company in Delhi NCR and Pan India.

While providing with turnkey Solutions the main objective is to provide the complete construction solution from the very beginning. For managing any kind of project, good planning is very essential. Sense Interiors have the exact ability which is required to execute the plan. We have been in this field for quite a long period of time and with consistency in every project, on given time compilation of project make us the most dependable and demanded company in the region of Delhi NCR and Pan India. We have the ability to adapt our self as required while in an ongoing project.

Role of our Company while handling Turnkey Project

Sense Projects Pvt. has a team of architects who are skilled, experienced and technically strong, with the help of which can achieve our target with satisfying our client’s and completing our work on given time. Our CAD team makes a 3D model form where a prior idea and conceptualization is gained towards the work and create a good working environment.

Our Architects team is well known for creativity, designs, innovative of new plans and executing them. We are well known for working as per client’s need and building his/her dream home, office, hotel, hospitals, resorts, farmhouse and many more.

Collaborating as Turnkey Contractors in Delhi NCR and Pan India.

For turnkey ventures, Sense Interior are additionally outstanding for working in a joint effort with different organizations in Delhi NCR and Container India. As indicated by our customer's need and spending plan, we give the best turnkey undertaking and arrangements. At the point when the obligation is offered over to us, it is our obligation to give the full plan, gear, quality crude materials, and exceptionally prepared hardware. 

What is the difference between a Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer?
An Interior Designer is a trained professional who creates and designs interior spaces which are aesthetically attractive and functional.An Interior Decorator, on the other hand, views interior design with a largely cosmetic approach using decorative elements to merely rearrange existing spaces.

If I have the time, money and the taste, why do I need an interior designer?
Consider this: whether you're planning new offices, or renovating your old ones, the investment is considerable. Wrong decisions could leave you with expensive mistakes long after the project is completed. A skilled professional with the requisite qualifications, resources and expertise shall expose you to wide variety of choices throughout the process which would assure that your new space reflect your unique personality, and not a standard.

Is it true that a designer's influence leads to an increase in the project cost?
With years of specialized education and training, coupled with practical experience in their field, interior designers are capable of bringing the construction costs down considerably. Most importantly, they can guarantee you value for money.

When should a designer be asked into a project?
As soon as possible: The ideal time should be during the planning stage, i.e. before the actual construction of the building. Consider creating the door and window openings as per the desired layout of the bed, the wardrobe and the chairs, rather than trying to ill-fit the bed in a existing small bedroom with fixed movement areas!! This additionally saves upon money involved in making structural changes at a later stage.

How early can we start work-at-site from the day of commissioning the designer?
It is in the interest of the client, to let the designer freeze most of the paper work, identify the materials to be used, as much as the respective contractors, before starting the actual site work. It is better than trying to hurry up initially and then increasing upon the costs due to the subsequent delays in work and the ever-changing layouts.

How long will it take for the project to complete?
Completion of the project depends upon various factors like the scope of work, complexity of the design, your own ability to make decisions using choices provided by the designer, level of planning done before actual construction, time at your disposal and flow of money.

How can the designer help me in procurement of the materials?
Material procurement is something that we leave to our clients. However, if desired, we can assist the client in procuring quality material at the best possible price. Either way, we operate strictly on a fee-to-service basis and pass on all professional discounts and commissions to our clients, therefore protecting the clients' interests at all times.

How does the designer go about the initial consultations?
At a retention fee, which is adjusted in the actual fee amount, we take up the site measurement, come up with options for the basic plan and hold initial meetings with the client so as to enable ourselves to know each other better. This also helps us to arrive at the final estimated cost, which is based on the client's brief and requirement. Our fee is generally an amount decided by us in lump sum rather than as percentage, so as to avoid any kind of influence on the total project cost.

Can cost be determined before the beginning of a project?
Certainly. There are two ways of achieving this. We've developed our own hands-on system to take the guesswork out of interior design budgeting. Using a systematic approach, all the items of work are clearly specified, quantified and budgeted. Prior to the starting of the project, we provide the client a final cost estimate. In a scenario, where there is a limited budget, we can always work backwards and create the best possible design solution within the given cost. We are always sensitive to our clients' budgets.

Would you give a 3D view for the interior work?
Once the budgetary approval is approved we could give one or two views for the interiors.

Do you undertake constructions and renovations?
Yes we do all types of civil construction , home or office renovations and modification work (viz. painting, polishing, false ceiling, plumbing, wood working, tile and stone installation or grinding contract) other than the turnkey interior work which we specialize in.

Do you give after sales service?

We promise to rectify any fault arising out of faulty workmanship for a period of one year at our cost. However as a practice we do not limit it to one year only and this service extends to subsequent years.

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